Seorang penggemar jauh yang mendukung idolanya dengan cara berbeda melalui pekerjaannya sebagai setter buku.

Fargirl Forty Eight

Jakarta 48 or better known as JKT48 is an idol group consisting of beautiful and talented girls, who are generally loved by the male. But who would have thought that there are many people who idolize this sister group from AKB48. Everything is certainly inseparable from the pros and cons, as well as Fans Girl JKT48 in the eyes of the public. Rohmiyati Hidayah is a JKT48 Fan Girl from Klaten who since the end of 2015 until now actively supports JKT48. Unlike the fans in general, Rohmiyati has its own uniqueness in supporting her idol. Why and how Rohmiyati Hidayah became a Fan of Far Girl JKT48 will be spoken in this documentary film.