Fall a Wing Love

Gathered in a place to find out about the film they were making, Gilang as the scriptwriter and director continued to give meaning to every scene read at the reading event. Those who participated were Rani, a producer who had just learned to make films, Yono, a cinematographer who always dealt with technical matters, Alfian, a quiet editor, and Yakob, one of the potential actors who kept voicing his ideas.

Various clashes of beliefs continued to occur among the five people. All were focused on Gilang, who tried to explain the meaning of each scene they wanted to create. But instead of being an explanation, it seemed more like a defense mechanism to still appear as the one who understood how the film should be made.

The mounting egos led to the conclusion that they would not make the film together. However, Gilang's large ego also convinced him to make the film alone in the midst of his loneliness.