Durga, a 17-minute documentary, examines the practice of child marriage in rural India. Shot in Jodhpur, India, the film tells of the story of Durga, a 16-year-old child bride, who is trapped in a situation she had not bargained for.

At 14, she was married off to a man she had never met. Because of the pressure from her community and the need to keep her father’s honor, Durga felt she had no choice but to keep to the marriage. Through Durga’s narration, the audience experiences her ordeal as she went through the marriage. From the dreams she harboured as a young girl, to the helplessness and despair she experienced during the marriage, Durga lets audiences into her inner world and emotions as her marriage unfolded before her. Despite being stuck in what might seem like an impossible situation, she holds on to the hope of breaking free by being educated and finding means to support herself.