Drop Off

Si Joey (played by Bob Jbeili) on his way home, meets a hitchhiker. A strange looking old man in a suit carrying a mysterious suitcase, Dom (played by GB Labrador) asking him to ride with him to the city to drop him off.

After the long road trip at paghahanap ng isang gotohan, ginabi na ang dalawa. Hanggang pinara sila ng dalawang pulis, asking kung saan sila papunta.

It turns out that the police officers was after Dom. Joey leaves Dom in a middle of nowhere after an argument over the suitcase. Joey finds something that belongs to Dom. Binalikan niya si Dom.

The police officers then abducted Dom, it is revealed that Dom was supposed to meet them in a drop off location to deliver the suitcase but he bailed on them instead. Now they are prompting him to open the mysterious suitcase.

Joey arrives and rescues Dom, but is critically injured. When they went home together, Dom surprisingly learns that Joey’s fiancé is Elena, his daughter. A mysterious van looks at them from afar.

In an after credits scene, Dom gives Joey the suitcase as a wedding gift. Joey opens the case but not revealing to the audience what’s inside.