Digging Up The Dead

For the Vietnamese, modernization is not only affecting them in life but also in death. Traditionally, people are not just buried once but twice. By digging up the bones of the dead, the Vietnamese believe their loved ones will reach the next world. Three years after her father-in-law's first burial, Mrs Mai and her family carefully plan his re-burial ceremony in Hanoi's biggest cemetery: Van Dien. Millions of Vietnamese have been buried here over the past 50 years. It is an emotional time for Mrs Mai as she revisits the pain and loss of death. However, she is committed to fulfilling the deceased's wishes. Similarly, the men and women who dig the graves take their responsibility to the dead very seriously. But change is afoot as Van Dien Cemetery is set to be closed. Now, grave diggers such as Mr Luong must come to terms with their future as more and more break tradition and instead turn to cremation.