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Damaged On The Inside

Shak and Momo are caught by their boss, Chester, who demands payment from them after having failed at a job. He gives them only 6 hours to come up with the money, else they will suffer grave consequences. Desperate, the duo decides to sell off Momo's antiques to a pawnbroker, Bob, however his offer is too low. Shak notices a peculiar bottle which is revealed to house a winning lottery ticket that Bob intends to cash in. Shak suggests to Momo to steal the ticket but their plan fails. Momo then decides to make use of Bob's gambling addiction to gamble for the ticket and despite many hiccups they manage to get the ticket from him. Suddenly however, Chester appears and the duo is forced to surrender the ticket as payment. Back at the hideout, they wait anxiously for the results.

[Viddsee Community] Learn more about the making of this film from filmmaker Syamsul Bahari himself here!