Wrestling - it's could be one's dream but yet another's dislike. "Dainta" tells a story of a former wrestler who secretly took part in a wrestling match for one last time; to show his doting grandson what a great persona he used to be, but took the ultimate gamble of severing his ties with his only daughter.

A Viddsee Original Production

Director Statement: 

Dainta explores the theme of alter egos, that is synonymously found in wrestlers. The main character, Siva, has been carrying a dark, forlorn past with him ever since he left the world of professional wrestling. However, that alternate ego that has been deeply etched in him has manifest into a life of its own, where his inner voices and desires takes a form of his younger self. I find the complexity fascinating and worth exploring. I hope the viewers will enjoy the film, as well as to lend their support to wrestlings in Singapore.