Dad, Your Car (老爸,你的车)

Siao-Wu, an eighteen year-old senior high student, drove his father's old car for fun one day but ended up breaking the vehicle. He was so anxious that he ask for all of his friends to lend him money. Without going home, Siao-Wu idled on the street, and was involved in illegal trading. For the large amount of money, he took a risk to drive a stolen car to the location that the black marketeer assigned. However, he came through a moral dilemma, and he lost the car. Siao-Wu decided to go home and admit everything he had done to his father. When he got home, he could not believe what he saw. The car was already parked in front of the house. His father had known everything...

Siao Wu, 一個十八歲的高中生,本來是開著老爸的車子玩樂卻沒想到闖出了大禍,將車子撞壞了。他緊張兮兮的到處向朋友借錢,卻一直都碰釘子。害怕得沒回家的那一晚,他在街上遊蕩卻不小心陷入了一場犯法的風波。經過了種種的事情之後,他決定回家向爸爸道歉。然而,卻看見車子完好無損的停在家裡庭園。