30 mins

Coming Of Age (成年禮)

In February 2012, the death of Feng Fei Fei, the Taiwanese singing megastar of the 60s, swept across the island. People were left in a haze of mourning. At the same time, a young woman and her single mother receive a message from their father and husband, who disappeared from their lives for 18 years and now wanted to meet.Not knowing what he was really after, they convinced themselves to lead their lives as they had always done no matter what happened after they saw him. But it was too late – the seeds of change had already been sown in their minds.In an old restaurant filled with memories of the 60s, the three of them confront each other over lunch, as a family but as strangers.

  • The 5th Korea-China University Film Festival -- Grand Jury Prize
  • The 2nd Director Award Film Festival of Beijing Film Academy -- Silver Award 2013
  • Macao International Film & Video Festival -- Best Microfilm 2013 
  • Tudou Microfilm Festival -- Grand Jury Prize
  • The 11th Global Chinese Universities Student Film and TV Festival –Best Script Award for Short Dramatic Film
  • The 5th China, Taiwan and Hong Kong Film School Festival – Jury Prize for Dramatic Film
  • The 12th International Student Film and Video Festival of Beijing Film Academy2014 
  • Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute National Student Film Awards 
  • The 36th Golden Harvest Awards & Short Film Festival
  • The 5th China, Taiwan and Hong Kong Film School Festival 
  • The 21st Beijing College Student Film Festival
  • The 17th Shanghai International Film Festival
  • The 2014 ChenDu Micro Film Festival
  • The 8th China Independent Film Festival
  • The 2th China Women’s Film Festival
  • 第五屆中韓大學電影節 評委會特別獎
  • 第二屆北京電影學院導演獎 銀獎
  • 第五屆澳門國際電影節 最佳微電影大獎
  • 2013年G客盛典 奮鬥的青春最美麗獎
  • 第11屆全球華語大學生影視獎 最佳劇作獎
  • 第5屆兩岸三地電影學校電影節 優秀劇情片獎
  • 第12屆北京電影學院國際學生影視作品展2014
  • 印度薩吉亞雷國際學生電影節
  • 第36屆金穗獎第5屆兩岸三地電影學校電影節
  • 第21屆北京大學生電影節
  • 第17屆上海國際電影節2014
  • 成都微電影金沙獎
  • 第11屆中國獨立影像展
  • 第2屆中國民間女性影展

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