A journey of a first world traditional Indian dancer practitioner.

Coming Home

In an era of music, dance and art being consumed globally more than what the past decades have mostly witnessed, “Coming Home” is a 34 minutes of liberalism about mentorship in a form of fusion between dance, music and more, that elevates and encapsulates a dancer’s quest towards a progressive model in an urban setting, that culminates in discovering tools that support the practice of the form with newfound freedom, grace and autonomy. The film is shot on 4K using Red Scarlet-W and Red Gemini produced by Krypton Studios Asia (Singapore) in collaboration with Durga Mani Maran, a teaching artiste and dance scholar from Singapore. The film follows a 4th generation Indian descendant Singaporean of Tamil ethnicity, who is also a practitioner of the ancient South Asian Dance / Theatre form - Bharathanatyam. The film is paced by a traditional poetry on love set in the 18th century by the Tanjore Quartet, juxtaposing eras, sensations and environment.