Can you rekindle a memory through music?

Elle, a pianist tutor in her late teens, was taken aback and at a loss when her latest student, Madam Yeow, an elderly woman, seems to be suffering from dementia. How do you teach a skill set to someone who is suffering from memory loss? Despite her condition, the lesson continued - Madam Yeow would not be able to recognise Elle during the lesson, and Elle would simply return and start all over again. Elle quickly recognised that Madam Yeow was not a beginner with the musical instrument. Music has a calming and soothing impact on the elderly lady. The two began to forge a bond through their love over music - but things quickly take a turn for the worse when Madam Yeow’s son showed up, accusing her of taking advantage of an elderly woman. Will Elle be able to win her son’s trust? Can she leave an impact on Madam Yeow to rekindle her joy over music?