Chronos Ep 3: Super Hero Stuff

SGT ANG begins to express doubts about their plans and suggests alternatives. ASP LEE gets furious and demands ANG to stick to his plans. However, as LEE’s plan begins to unfold in unexpected ways, ANG makes the decision to execute her own plans. As LEE’s plans fall apart and get trapped in an awkward position, INSP RAJ steps in to improvise and save LEE from the predicament.

A Viddsee Original Production

Director Statement:
Growing up in Singapore, we often find ourselves surrounded by Singaporeans who are pragmatic and result orientated. It made us wonder, what would Singaporeans be like in a hundred years from now? Will we even remember how Singaporeans used to have infinite trust for one another and would not hesitate to help when needed? Will we even know that we used to have the ‘Kampung Spirit’? Maybe it would be interesting to imagine a scenario where Singaporeans from the future react to the Singaporean’s ‘Kampung Spirit’ see the reaction of Singaporeans.

Through Chronos, we hope to bring awareness to how Singaporeans have changed through its modernization. While there are merits to this modernization, there are certain unique valuable characteristics of our culture that are left behind and forgotten. By juxtaposing Singaporeans from the two different periods, we do not seek to give an answer to what is correct or wrong about society, but to invite our fellow Singaporeans to remember what was and question what is.