Children of Karni Mata

Shree Karni Mata was born in a Chaaran family in Suwap village, Jodhpur in 1387 AD. She was the sixth girl child of her parents. Her paternal aunt who was present at her parent's place was highly disappointed on the birth of another girl child. The aunt gave vent to her ill-concealed feelings by striking the newly born with knuckles. Immediately the striking fingers were impaired. The family members realised that she is an incarnation and called her Karni (the doer). At the time of the incarnation of Shree Karni Mata, this desert region (Western Rajahstan) was a disturbed area. There were many groups of war lords with small territories under their control. Fear, plunder and loot reigned. Shree Karni Mata identified the Rathore clan of Rajputs and provided them the wisdom and guidance to establish a large kingdom. Bikaner Royal family accepted her as their family deity and sought her blessings before undertaking any major task. Shree Karni Mata is widely worshipped by a large section of population of the desert. Shree Karni Mata remained in human form for 151 years. Though she was married she told her husband that she will not raise his family and she will work for the larger benefit of mankind. She got her younger sister married her husband to look after family affairs. The goddess Karni Mata revived her dead son ( from her younger sister). This was seriously objected by Yamraj ( god of death). In order to satisfy Yamraj ego, Karni Mata told him that henceforth any person after his/her death in this village will reincarnate as a rat and stay in the temple under her protection. The rat/ Kaba on his/her death will take rebirth as a human being in the village. She said this process will continue till this universe exists. The rats (Kabas) reside in the temple for the last six centuries. The devotees feed the rats milk and sweets and share it with them but there has never been any rat related epidemic.