Cheers! is a story of a meek Vidarbhian farmer who struggles to end his life.


Cheers! is a story of PRAKASH WAGHMARE, a distressed Vidarbhian farmer who is on the verge of ending his life because of debt and social embarrassment he is facing. Right after a failed attempt of hanging himself with a newly bought rope on his farm’s tree, when his village friend SANTOSH seeks his help, he extends his help to prove that in his last moments he is truly a good man.

Prakash is trying to kill himself by hanging from a branch of his farm tree. But unable to gather enough courage in his first attempt, he retrieves. He sits near the tree, thinking. Right then, Santosh, a manual scavenger, who has been assigned task of removing a pig from PATIL’s farm well, approaches him. Unaware of what’s going on out there, he straightaway asks Prakash for the rope he just tried to kill with and also requests him to come along with him to lend his hand to pull out the pig out of the well. Prakash agrees as he needs time before preparing himself for another attempt. Both reach Patil’s farm. Somehow Prakash feels so powerful holding that rope which was supposed to kill him in few moments ago that he pulls up the heavy dunked pig single handedly - proving that what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. Santosh is surprised to see Prakash’s strength. Soon after that, they dump the dead pig near an abandoned road. Santosh offers Prakash some money which he refuse to take as he just wanted to help selflessly. But they eventually agrees on going to a dhaba to have couple of drinks with that money. Before that they go to Prakash’s shanty to get themselves clean. Santosh inquires about the funeral stuff which Prakash has bought in order not to burden his family after his death. He comes up with a fake reason to satisfy Santosh. And just before leaving, he mixes endosulfan in rum’s bottle and puts it in his pant’s pocket. Both leave for highway dhaba. At an empty bar, Prakash opens up about his dire condition to Santosh while drinking rum. UMESH & NIKHIL walk into the dhaba. They are waiting for Pune’s bus to arrive. Santosh leaves after paying the bill. A waiter insults Prakash for placing further order. Umesh confronts with him. But after assuring Prakash has the money, waiter agrees to serve. Prakash fills a glass with endosulfan mix rum after waiter brings in one more bottle of rum. So he finishes all bottles of rum while overhearing Umesh and Nikhil’s conversation on how to stop farmers’ suicide. Umesh talks about political solution while Nikhil talks about absurd technological problem to curb rising deaths. Finally Prakash gets up to walk out of the dhaba, he collapses on the ground. Umesh and Nikhil run to help him. Foam is coming out of his mouth. He closes his eyes.

The film intends to shed light on agrarian crisis that is affecting lives across rural India, underlining the fact that you cannot escape death even if you are a good person.