Cerita Hantu

Rangga, a 13 year old boy, who is very famous among the ghosts because he likes to make fun of the ghosts that lives around his house. The ghosts are Hantu Jeruk Purut and Suster Ngesot. Every evening, Rangga likes to play with his two friends in a field

Sari, the leader of rebellion, is unhappy with Rangga’s action toward her friends. Then, Sari and the ghosts decided to teach Rangga a lesson by kidnapping his two friends. In order to get his friends back, Rangga has to help the rebellion to scare people so they can get their deposit. Rangga feels challenge and agreed to help the rebellion. After several times trying and failing, finally Rangga and the ghosts scared one person successfully. In the end, Rangga get their friends back. This experience makes him understand about the ghosts condition and they become friends. After paying the deposit to the devil from hell, Sari, Suster Ngesot, Genderuwo, and Hantu Jeruk Purut continues their journey to the other world.