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Call Up Fall In: Episode 2

A cigarette was found in the toilet, and everyone was punished in an attempt to seek out the culprit, who had been secretly smoking in the cubicle. Samuel came forward and took the blame for his section mate Razak, the only smoker in their entire section.

A Viddsee Original Production

Director Statement:
Singapore is a multiracial and multicultural country and yet, we sometimes see racial disputes and cultural debates on social media. Most of these comments get amplified into a full-on rage argument online. It saddens us to see just how much some Singaporeans do not respect each other's culture. We wish to put across the message that even though we are different in race, background, beliefs and culture, we can all still live in harmony. Even through difficult times and emerge stronger together. Call Up Fall In, look into a plot where a Singaporean who has no recollection of our local culture and has to relearn and rediscover our country's local lingo and culture. This character placement will lead us to understand that through a mandatory National Service, doesn’t matter your racial background, individuals can forge a stronger bond through the challenges they face together. National Service exposes us to people from different walks of life and it is a pivotal 2 years of a man’s life. It’s the best years to gain life-long friends that we can truly rely on, regardless of race or religion. As such, we hope that this short series will serve as a reminder to always put ourselves into the shoes of others and be understanding of each other’s cultures.