Caged Bird

Lanita (21) who was busy knitting a scarf, saw an old motorcycle man who was her lover, Lanita approached the man to get the ingredients the food items delivered by the man. Looks like Sri (47) is lift the dried fish that are dried in the sun. Lanita sits on the terrace home while continuing to knit her scarf. Lanita looked at her mother from far away, Sri, who had finished cleaning up, sat on the grass while smoke his cigarette. Sri is preparing Lanita's dinner want to help but Sri dissuade Lanita from having to help herself. Sri and Lanita then ate together, not a word was said ejected from both of them. Lanita and mother relaxing in the living room, Lanita turn on the microphone then set some favorite songs they both. Lanita karaoke occasionally she offers her mother to singing, her mother just watched Lanita while smoking her cigarette. The two of them lay on the same bed, facing each other at the sky - the sky is dark, Sri's eyes are filled with tears for a moment immediately saw Lanita who was beside him, Sri immediately grabbed Lanita and hugged her tightly, Lanita tightly gripped her hand his mother, his eyes welled up watching his mother. in days Next came the deserted house, all things neatly arranged, On the living room wall, there are several photo frames hanging on the wall. Inside there are photos of Sri, Lanita, and Lanita's husband on the aisle and beside him are some photos of lanita and her husband. From the living room seen Sri sitting relaxing on a wooden chair in the yard. Sri looks at far in front of her, while wearing her child's knitted scarf. From the living room seen a tv playing Sri and her child's favorite song, looks Also the mic scattered on the table