Broken Faith

Awaken to the sound of breaking and yelling. Elaine sees the silhouette of her parents fighting. As the argument ended, her father left. Flashing back to reality, Elaine hears a knock on the door. To her surprise, she sees Diniy crying at the front of her doorstep. Elaine welcomes Diniy into the house and offers her a drink before they settled down on her couch. “What happened?” A worried Elaine asks. Calming down, Diniy confides in Elaine about the situation she is going through. Elaine then finds out that Diniy’s parents are getting a divorce. Diniy proceeds to harshly blame herself for causing this situation and feels hopeless. Elaine comforts Diniy and brings up her own similar past. Elaine proceeds to reassure Diniy that she will always have her support and that Diniy will survive this hard time too.