We may all depart from this world one day, but true love... lasts forever.

Breakup Store: The Box (分手寄賣店之蝶戀花盒子)

This short film is set within a place known as "The Breakup Commission Store", a special store that allows customers to consign personal belongings for sale.

These belongings, however, must be leftover items from broken up romantic relationships, and the owner, Leung Koo Tsat, collects love stories related to these items instead of monetary commission.

Business is good, as relationships nowadays are often short-lived and never everlasting... until one day, an old lady walks into the store, and shared an unbelievable story with Leung...

梁孤七是一間名為"分手寄賣店"店鋪的店主, 而這家主要是讓情侶間分手後把兩人之間的愛情遺物可放到這店中寄賣, 以當忘掉這段過去的感情, 而寄賣的條件是要分享關於這件物件中的愛情故事! 但現今的愛情觀每每便如快餐一般, 來得快, 走得也快! 還那有天長地久的愛! 所以店鋪生意沿沿不絕! 直到一天, 一位年邁的老婆婆走進了店鋪, 卻讓梁孤七聽到一段非一般的愛情故事 ! "人,總有天會離開! 但愛....永遠長存!"