Boy On The Fringes

A young boy lives with his ill mother. Alone and poor, he tries to take care of her.

A Viddsee Original Production

Director Statement:
In some ways, this film draws upon my experience of growing up in Singapore. In my early teens, my mother was in poor health, and my family was in a state of financial crisis. It was a challenging period for me, having to start working at an early age to share some financial burden. I wasn’t the most capable person but I was trying to be strong. The feeling of helplessness and loneliness, despair and unknown beauty; and the yearning for warmth – these are the major textures that pervade this film. They say the festive season is generally perceived as a jolly period but it is not always all warm and fuzzy for everyone. There are many hidden struggles in plain sight. Regardless, people are trying to do good. There exists a traditional ideology of a cheerful giver; which reminds us to give out of love and from the heart. So, I was curious to explore, how will society transform an ordinary young boy who is trying to care for his sick mother to grow and become a better man.