Boni's new toy

Boni (7) had just come home from school, he opened the door with a happy state because he wanted to go straight back out to play with his friend. Boni screamed for permission from his mother to return to playing with his friends. Boni's mother replied that she bought a new toy for Boni in a black plastic on the living room table. When Boni heard his mother, he immediately ran to the living room, but when he arrived he found two of the same black plastic. Since he was in a rush to get back out, he took one of the plastic bags without even looking at it. A few moments later, his mother came into the living room with suspicious movements, she looked at the table and saw that one of the plastics had been taken. Mother immediately rushed to her room and tried to get her husband to have sex. Excitedly he rushed back into the living room and looked at the plastic. When she opened the plastic, she found a toy car. His mother was shocked.