Blind Spot (盲點)

The life of a stubborn white collar changes forever when he meets the janitor that cleans his office every night. 

One morning, Terry finds that someone moved the things on his desk. As a picture frame on his desk was broken, Terry is furious and set out to look for the cause. In the surveillance footage shows that the only person who entered his office that night is the janitor who cleans his office. Terry immediately calls the cleaning company and files a complaint at the janitor. 

When Terry is fetching his boss’s mobile phone at the office one night, Terry meets the janitor who cleans his office every night. He realizes only then she is mentally-disabled. The job is far from easy for her. When the janitor finally notices Terry at the doorway, she greets him with a genuine smile. Terry feels terrible for his rash actions and learns that one should never judge or criticise others solely based on what they see.

Singer: Terry Zou