Blender Mak

"Blender Mak" unfolds in a 1960s Singaporean kampong, focusing on Puan Timah, a modern Malay woman with the only blender in the village. Ramadan prompts her to showcase the blender, sparking clashes with traditional values. Simultaneously, Kwan You faces business challenges amid declining health. As the grand iftar approaches, Timah's reliance on the blender clashes with the kampong's values. Timah's daughter, Jamal, proposes lending the blender to help Kwan You, leading to a rejected heist idea. Comedic mishaps follow, culminating in a village-wide blackout, falsely attributed to Timah's blender. Ultimately, "Blend of Cultures" highlights the kampong's cultural diversity and communal spirit, emphasizing our interconnectedness despite differences.