Black Gold

Arudes Warandi is a Pala farmer from Banda island who has dedicated his life to cultivating the garden of Pala. For him, the future of Pala is generated to come. Nutmeg is one of the most sought after spices worldwide and is the background of a long nostalgic story for the island of Banda. Nutmeg that began as a marriage dowry Queen Cili Star to flourish in the big Banda islands. The scent and the power of the Pala has made a fascination for the world's voyages. From Gujarat, Arab, Chinese to Spanish, English, Portuguese, to Dutch troopers influenced the viciousness of the oceans to find Pala. The desire to dominate Pala was the main reason at the time. The number of sturdy buildings as fortresses in the Maluku islands especially Banda is a clear proof of how foreign nations are so strongly guarding Nutmeg from outside hands and squeezing from within. Pala's fame on the land of Banda is a splash of history, like an old wound with the mass murder of the JP Coen era in 1621. This incident recorded history as the largest genocide in Asia. Now Pala is not a black gold anymore. Nutmeg growers begin to shrink after an erratic price. The gap is even visible to the garden workers and the middleman. Like the gap between the island of Rhun and New York in the Breda agreement.