Putri Zya (Zya), an 8-year-old average primary school student, has been separated with her mother since her parents divorced. Zya has not met her mother since then because her father does not give permission for some unknown reason. One day, Zya decides to invite her father to come on her school report card day, without her father's knowledge that she's meeting her mother, Natasha, too. After meeting her for a while, Natasha needs to leave Zya again. Zya decides to make a scene by crying out loud, hence forcing her mother to take her home. Natasha decides to bring her to her father's house. On her way back to her father's house, at the petrol station, Zya discovers that her mother is in debt. Zya finally understands when she saw her mother cry and felt that it was her fault for causing her to be late for her job interview. Now, she understands about her mother's situation and she knows the reason why her mother could not meet her.