Circumstances and a glimpse of the history of the "Bina Tuntas Foundation" regarding its activities in training tuna netra as a Massagers and physiotherapist in a place that is perfunctory to be more independent. Despite the limitations of the sense of sight, the blind remain passionate for can create your own income and not bother others.

Bina Tuntas

This documentary tells the situation and a glimpse of the history of the "Bina Tuntas Foundation", through an overview of the classes being undertaken, the activities of the foundation on weekdays and Interview. In the foundation there are physiotherapy training classes with sufficient students many with narrow and stuffy class conditions. But this does not affect they keep coming to class every Saturday afternoon. And another day will be a clinic small for alumni who guard the place. This film will show how the independence of the blind and motivated they are to earn their own income and not bother others. Selaimn this is the background of the various blind people in this foundation that make it very diverse they are petrified with each other in activities during the foundation. In this documentary, it will elevate the lives of the blind in Bina Tuntas starting from elementary students to advanced students, instructors, administrators, alumni who have worked and earn income. In this film we will also explain how the angle their view after joining this foundation and the hopes and reasons why this foundation must remain standing