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Somad is a young religious man who is looking for a job as a religious teacher in Jakarta. After few months he hasn't got the job yet, which eats away at his savings. When Somad has breakfast in a food stall with his last remaining money, Sari, a transwoman who has just finished her 'night job', comes into the same food stall.

Somad looks like he doesn't like Sari's presence there, and Sari starts to feel uncomfortable because she thinks she is being intimidated. Sometimes they both look at each other and have bad thoughts about each other. In the end Sari teases Somad, and it also makes Somad feels uncomfortable.

When Sari is eating, her father calls her, telling that her mother is in the hospital. Sari finishes her food suddenly, pays and then leaves. But she forgets her wallet, which was left on the chair beside her before. Somad starts to have a conflict in his mind after he finds out that there is some money in the wallet. On one hand he wants to take the money because he is having financial problems and he doesn't really like Sari, but on the other hand he knows Sari is also having her own problems and he feels sorry about that.

In the end Somad decides to give the walletback to Sari. From there, they start to introduce their name properly.