Aunty Beatrice lives on in our imagination. She is our cute elderly, lively elderly, but also out sick elderly, our vulnerable elderly, but ultimately, she is remembered as the nation’s grandmother. Very few actresses have a career than span decades and persist in acting despite their old age. She has inspired both the young and old to pursue the arts regardless of your age and gender. She has touched many lives and this script is a homage to what she represents to us.

There is a Chinese saying “活到老学到老”,it is never too old to learn. It is not just about learning, but about experiencing life to the fullest. It is never too late to pursue your passion, it is never too late to find a new interest.

3 friends, Ling, Sangeetha and Mei, look enviously upon their acting mentor, Suzy, as she delivers a stunning performance. The elderly ladies later find out that the role was initially given to Betty, another close friend of theirs who recently passed away due to illness and old age. In fact, the band of grandmas pursued their interest in acting around the same time, but Betty’s determination took her further than the rest.

Their dear friend Betty, along with Suzy’s words inspired the ladies to rethink their passion in acting.