Behind The Healing Herbs

Murjiati was a breadwinner of her own family, which was consisted of 4 members. She made and sold traditional herbal tonic (jamu). Her only daughter, Rizky, was willing to be a nurse. She was studying in a university. Murjiati spent much money to enrol Rizky’s study. Yet, she did not solely rely on construction-worker husband who did not have stable salary. Instead of making and selling traditional herbal tonic, she joined to a community consisted of herbal tonic makers called Seruni Putih. She became the chairperson of the community and initiated several programs, in her neighbourhood: Kiringan, Bantul, Yogyakarta. There, around eighty percent (80%) of the women supported their families by making and selling traditional herbal tonic. The movie depicts how Murjiati and the other women of Kiringan worked in their own domestic area and organized the community through traditional herbal tonic.