A weak and insecure boy is plays a game on his laptop in school while waiting to be picked up after school. Bullies approach him and break his laptop. At home he is scolded and humiliated by his father, a cop, for not defending himself. His father refuses to buy a new laptop for a son that he is ashamed of.

Later that night he sneaks into his parent’s room and takes his father’s pistol. At his room he fiddles around with it, recreating the moves he sees in the video games that he plays. He feels powerful while holding the weapon.
The next day, he goes to school before his dad comes to work. As he encounters his bullies before class begins he pulls out a gun on them. When his dad realises that his gun is gone he rushes to school and finds his son holding his bullies hostage. His dad arrives, but he gets shot in the leg, as he believes that his dad is the biggest bully of them all in his life .