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Bak Kwa

Ah-Lim has been selling bak kwa for twenty-five years and his greatest hope is that his only child, Jason, will elevate the business to another level one day. But Ah-Lim will soon be forced to re-evaluate both his relationship with his son and the future of his business when the latter brings an unexpected guest home for dinner...

A Viddsee Original Production

Director's Statement:

I have always been attracted to stories with an ironical twist. Between a story of a hijabi girl aspiring to be a professional wrestler or a young mother battling for the soul of her stepchild with a Pontianak, I often find that film is the best medium to have these stories told.

Bak Kwa continues my yearning to tell such stories again. To me, the best short films are those that fearlessly tackle serious issues head on...perhaps with a light touch of pathos and comedy. Bak Kwa talks about lofty themes about religion and our generation’s conflict of carving our own path versus those expected of our parents. But hopefully done in a non-cloying and non-pandering way.

I hope you’ll enjoy the film as much as I had making it.