It Lived By His Pen, And Will Die By His Blade.


Gho is the writer of a comic book called "Bad Bug." He tells the story of a Hunter who protects humanity from the Bad Bugs.The editor of the comic wants to give the Hunter character a wider appeal, but Gho refuses. The comic means more to Gho than just a job. It's his life.

Ms. Yoo is Gho's only ally at the publishing house. Secretly in love with him, she tries to help him keep his job, but he is stubborn.Yoo goes to a club with her friends, but it turns out to be a hunting ground where the Bad Bug Boss from the comics picks his prey. Drugged and unconscious, she is taken to the Boss' lair.

Gho tracks her down and faces off against the Boss to save Yoo.The comics weren't a made up story. Gho is the Hunter, and he fights the Bad Bugs every night.