About a child who is trying to compose stories from the people around him.

An Unexpected Story

Rosa is a woman who lives with her foster mother, named Asmi. At night he gets a birthday surprise from Asmi, Santi is Rosa and Yanti's biological mother who works as a housemaid inside the house. Nearing midnight, Santi returns. Then Rosa goes to Asmi's room to thank her and find information about her life journey. In the room, Asmi tells that Santi threw away her child because it was considered a family disgrace. Hearing that, Rosa felt sad. The next day, Santi goes to her child. Santi also asked her child, what happened. Rosa starts to question why she can stay with Asmi. Santi starts telling, hears what Santi tells is different from Asmi, Rosa is confused about what's right and wrong. Rosa's cold attitude continued until tomorrow, seeing that Yanti asked how she was doing. With her initiative, Yanti began to tell the truth of what happened in the past about the lives of Rosa, Santi and Asmi. After hearing Yanti's story, Rosa begins to compose what she thinks is true. In the end while being together with Asmi and Santi, Rosa did not choose the two because there was no one to trust.