Ambition Episode 1: Wild Saturdays

Meishi wants to embark on a business venture together with her friend Cass, much to the disapproval of her protective mother. This put their strained relationship to test, as they are forced into honest conversations, discovering more about each other.

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A Viddsee Original Production

Director Statement:
In this short film, we wanted to focus on the ambition of female characters, and how they may come at odds with one another at first, but actually have more in common when it comes to the ways they would pursue their dreams, and the risks they are willing to take.

As women, support comes in all forms, whether it be harsh truths or just a simple meal and a bowl of soup. Wild Saturdays presents the common challenges that aspiring entrepreneurs would face within the film, and focuses on how these women would handle these challenges and in support of each other. This in turn can be seen in the improved relationship between the mother and daughter, and a new friendship forged within the trio, proving that no dreams are too late to realise.