Akar Pula

AKAR PULA starts off the story with an urban Chinese girl named, Jasmine who is on her semester break and she has been wasting her time off every day playing video games.

Her Mom has finally reached the tip of her patience and decides that Jasmine needs something more beneficial than video games; therefore, she called up her best friend, Mariam to pick her daughter up to a Malay cultural village so she can learn more about cultures. At the cultural village, Jasmine will not only learn but also witness the beauty, traditions and immerse herself into the lifestyle of true Malays. Twist of the story, who would expect she ends up loving the Tarian Gamelan so much that she lost herself deep into it.

At the end of her trip, she finally realizes the long misunderstood Malay culture, is not all about hijabs and purdas.