Another Day In Paradise: Episode 2

The story continues with Tien, months before the events of Episode 1. She arrives in Singapore and finds ways to survive and hustle, to earn money and fuel her ambitions of being popular online and in school. As she tries to use her sex appeal to find her identity, she realizes that life may not be as clear cut as she expected.

A Viddsee Original Production

Director's Statement: We often read news articles that tell us about bizarre and quirky incidents around Singapore. However, these articles tend to state incidents as they are, sometimes without telling us the other side of the story - the human motivations behind why people might do the things they do. Because of this, we were inspired to write stories that showed this other side. While our stories are ultimately fiction, they are inspired by these real, human characters around Singapore, with some truth to the events that unfold.

At the same time, we want the episodes to be a social commentary on the current state of things. These are people left out of the spotlight, people with quiet struggles that we often take for granted, and lives that do not fit into the national narrative. These characters experience loneliness and isolation in the city as the city rapidly develops around them. They have slipped through the cracks, or are left behind, unable to catch up. We want to show their version of life, and how they try to survive.