Abraxas is a movie about the story of Goldensour (32) and MoonD Garcina (29), the only drag queen in Busan. Through their own opportunities, the two characters who come across the drag culture get thrilled to be able to reveal another me who is out of society. People living in this era live in accordance with the generalized framework, but Drag is encouraging that people's cheers will grow bigger the more they get out of the "normal" appearance of society. In this society, where the world is asked to be aware of the standards it has created, their courage has stronger power.

In these standards of the world, they ask themselves questions and create a "me" of what they want. MoonD Garcina, 29, said, "Biological gender is becoming more and more diversified, and social gender is also becoming increasingly blurred through gender issues and trans issues recently, so I wonder if gender exists." In the end, I think individuals exist as 'me' and not as men and women created by society."

The film focuses on stories about sexual minorities, among others, Drag. Living in numerous prejudices and standards, they break down the oppressive world and further capture the time they spend searching for another me. In addition to confronting prejudice and oppression against sexual minorities, it is also a window to encourage others and future generations who dream of drag artists.