A Hidden Thing In The Sky

When we are talking about Gresik, they have their own characteristics and attractiveness for a working area. But, in this city with so many industrial lights, we often have a question. Where did the stars in the sky go? A boy named Budi (10th years old) is having a difficulties to draw a stars in his house. He try to imagine the shape of a star with his friend, Kejora (10th years old). Many of their imagination of stars have been drawed by them, even a rubber strap that have been made to resemble it. With the feeling of curiosity to know the shape of a star, they go out from the house to searching for it using a bicycle. So many of tall trees and buildings in the way makes Budi and Kejora to find another area which have a wider area so they can sightseeing the sky. In their journey, Budi and Kejora find another things that resemble a star, such as airplane lights and mosque lamp which make them to be more curious with the shape of a star.