29 mins

She’s not the one he’s in love with.

100 Apples (蘋果男孩)

Yi-Chieh, who is in his teenage years, is worried about what present to give to his girlfriend, Pei-Hsuan, for their anniversary. The kind painting teacher Cheng-Chi keeps him company to search for the inspiration. Today, Cheng-Chi out of blue announces his going abroad next week.

He challenges Yi-Chieh, to practice painting one hundred apples when he goes abroad. As one apple after another is being completed, Yi-Chieh, has realized what his inner feeling really is. How can Yi-Chieh, trapped in a state of struggle, honestly face his self?

  • 1st Taiwan Queer Film Festival, 2014
  • 7th Beijing Queer Film Festival, 2014
  • 37th Golden Harvest Awards & Short Film Festival, 2015
  • 24th Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, 2015
  • Youth Film Festival, 2015

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