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JD Chua picked up screenwriting young, an interest that led the Singaporean Thai to officially begin his career directing a 15-episode Singapore-Australia co-production web series, Click. After graduating in Creative Producing from Chapman University, JD wrote for the television crime series Kes 253.He then immersed himself in huge Hollywood genre projects, ranging from horror production house Blumhouse Productions’ Dark Skies to action powerhouse Millennium Films’ Ninja: Shadow of a Tear to his mentor, Michael Mann’s Blackhat. He has worked with several industry leaders and has armed himself with skills in Action Choreography, Visual Effects and Special Effects.JD will get out of his way to achieve what he wants. He demonstrated that by traveling to Los Angeles to have a meeting with his filmmaking hero.He convinced Michael Mann to accept him as Forward Pass Inc.’s first and only intern. Under his wings, JD learned about his thought process in directing aesthetics.Extremely well versed in genre films, he has directed genre shorts like Black & White Kings (in competition for Best Thriller at the Thrillspy Film Festival in Washington D.C.) and Bad Throttle (Bucheon Choice Competition - Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival). A comedy web series, On the Rocks, created by him, was in competition for Best Drama for the Miami Web Festival.JD Chua continues to develop and produce genre projects, currently working on Circle Line, The Rocks of Hua Lamphong & Man from the North.