26 mins
Consider (พิจาณา)
The teenaged Tay is a ladyboy, or "kathoey," as members of this relatively well-tolerated transgender group are called in Thailand. These are people who take on a traditional female role, and some describe them as a third sex. The documentary starts with Tay looking out over the twilit city. Offscreen, the filmmaker asks him a question: “Do you think you made a mistake that you are now in the media?” Tay answers, “I kind of do.” The voice then asks, “If you could go back in time, what would you have changed or fixed?” Tay replies, “I would not try to kill myself again.” Interviews with sympathetic fellow students and a teacher who is also a kathoey demonstrate the level of acceptance of his orientation at his Christian school Saint Joseph Mueang-Ake. This becomes most triumphantly clear when Tay appears at a school Christmas party in a beautiful red dress. But as his tearful mother explains, a single intolerant and violent teacher drove him to attempt suicide. Elsewhere in the film, we see Tay going about his daily life, traveling to and from school, and silently touching up his makeup in front of the mirror.Tay 是泰文中俗稱的 “kathoey” 或是大家所稱為的將自己打扮成女生的男生,坊間更稱之為“淑女男孩” , ladyboy, 人妖等等。而 Tay 與同伴們更被冠上與形容為第三性別的群組。這是一部關於Tay 的紀錄片。影片的一開始,創作人便問了他 “你覺得是不是你所犯下的錯誤而讓自己成為了媒體們的焦點呢?" 他已微弱的聲音回答著,我想是吧。 “那如果讓你重新選擇,你怎麼做來改變情況呢?” 他說,我想我再也不會選擇自殺這一條路。影片當中也專訪了一位第三性別的老師,以及Tay 的幾位在 聖教學校的同學,他們對這個課題的接受度與看法。當Tay 以一身紅色的漂亮裙子出席時,他們對這第三性別的接受度已顯而易見。而淚眼汪汪的Tay 媽媽更說出了,老師不負責任的暴力與言語傷害行為更造就了Tay之前走向了自殺的行為。影片中也貫穿著Tay 的日常,以及在鏡子前沈默享受著化妝打扮自己的樂趣...
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