What's Left Unsaid

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3 seasons 17 episodes

What is happiness without sadness? What is love without grief? What is life without death? We leave too many things unsaid only to regret it after.

There are many heavy topics that most people will find it uncomfortable to talk about in their day-to-day conversations. In this series, we shed light to some of these deep-rooted social issues. 

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Season 3

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Do you hear people casually talking about adoption, ex-offenders starting a new life and caregiving work? These are topics that are aren't really discussed in a nuanced manner in mainstream media and is usually only brought up privately or in online forums. People tend to shun away from it as they may be difficult conversations. This social series aim to turn taboo topics that polite people avoid into pedagogical occasions, and to expose the public to different perspectives through an open discussion.

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