Voices: We Are All Escapists

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1 season 5 episodes

We Are All Escapists allows us to take a peek into the often-untold journeys of female ex- offenders in fairly conservative Singaporean society, and see the toll past mistakes takes on them and their families. We explore escapism as each protagonist takes us through her journey from escaping reality to eventual acceptance of the ‘now’. The series shines a vital spotlight on lesser discussed topics: depression, drug and substance abuse, domestic violence, and self-harm. It highlights the bravery of these five women – the optimism, perseverance and the ineffable quality of resilience that allows them to be knocked down by life and come back twice as strong as before. Being in recovery is fundamental to them turning away from crime for good. We ask: Should the criminal justice system focus more on rehabilitation than incarceration?

The topic of prison reform is imperative. We Are All Escapists encourages and supports the pursuit of meaningful change.

A Viddsee Original Production

5 episodes

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