Mr. Bartender (巴爾坦德先生)

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1 season 4 episodes

4 episodes

「when you turn your back towards the world, the things you face is only the beer and yourself 」

There is a bar in Taipei that you can’t usually search it with the map.

But when you have stories to tell, you will eventually find yourself walking towards that bar. There is always a bartender with a book in his hand, just like he has always been there in the evening waiting for you.

When you are settled down, a suitable drink will be served right there. Even though he might not be able to help you with any opinions, he will let you tell the stories from your heart, always.

He is anonymous, nobody knows where is he came from, or how to find him. But to the people who have met him, he is known as Mr. Bartender.

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在台北有一間酒吧,平常你按圖索驥怎麼找也找不到 。但是當你有故事想說的時候,卻會不由自主的走到了那間酒吧 ,那裡有位調酒師手上總是拿著
一本書,彷彿那晚就只等著你這個顧客 ,待你坐定位後,便會為你送上一杯適合你的酒 ,雖然他沒辦法給你什麼意見,但總是會讓你暢快的說出心裡
的話 。
他沒有名字,也沒人知道他是從哪來,要怎麼找到他 ,不過遇過他的人,都稱呼他為 「 Mr. Bartender 」。



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