Love Shop

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1 season 5 episodes

After her parents pass away in a car accident, Alex, a young university graduate, is forced to take over Love Shop- the family’s matchmaking business. Alex has always had somewhat of a vendetta against Love Shop: its nature of commodifying love stands against everything Alex believes in. Hopelessly alone now, she decides to take care of the matchmaking agency long enough to decide what to do with it. But time is running out: Alex has secured employment at a major advertising firm, and is slated to start work in 2 months. Through a circus of colourful characters and strange circumstances, Alex finds herself growing and bonding with the business, and comes to the realisation that it might not be the outright crass and shady business she always assumed it to be, but a legitimate outlet for souls in pursuit of companionship and better lives.

A Viddsee Original Production

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