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Going Beyond

Season 1

If we are the sum of our experiences, are we giving ourselves the space to experience and connect with this post-pandemic world that we live in? In Your Shoes: Reconnect seeks to explore unconventional jobs in Singapore through a visceral five-part micro-documentary series. We follow Eileen Chong, a filmmaker who has been making social-issue documentaries from even before the pandemic began. In an introspective look into what it truly means to be a citizen of the world, Eileen embarks on a journey to reconnect with elements that may have been lost or diluted after we emerged from a strenuous pandemic. Her goal is to get back in touch with what’s important to her, and what’s important in life. After all, who are we if we’re not experiencing and reconnecting with the world at its maximum potential?

A Viddsee Original Production 

Reconnection Going Beyond Season 1
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