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1 season 20 episodes

A mockumentary set in a social media startup in Singapore.

Four 20-somethings find themselves running ROFL - a new startup agency that offers social media marketing solutions - while hiring a documentary crew to film their ‘ascend into corporate fame’.

Leonard is the charismatic CEO whose charm just about hides his rudimentary knowledge of all things social media-related; Shane is Head of I.T & Infrastructure whose kryptonite is any situation that requires social interaction; Business Development Manager Rachel is the poor little rich girl trying to find true love in a world full of pretty shoes and clothes; and Media Strategist Foo Soo Ling is the social media maven and ice queen whose heart of stone could use a little chipping away.

Habitually dysfunctional, the quartet somehow ends up consulting for various clients and hilarity, if not disaster, typically ensues.

Somewhere in this chaotic timeline of events, life, love and friendships also rear their heads, and our characters may yet find their rainbows before the end. 

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George Young @tweetfromgeorge

Oon Shu Ann @oonshuan

Shane Mardjuki @ShaneMardjuki

Vanessa Ann Vanderstaaten @VanessaVanDS

20 episodes

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