Mockumentary Short Films

8 mins
Tiban - The Expression of Sacrifice
Tiban is a sacred performing art in Blitar, this tradition is trusted by the community to request rain during the dry season. The offerings, the spells, the calculation of days and the places of execution are considered necessary as a complement to traditional ceremonies. The culmination of Tiban's ritual is the sacrifice of citizens in the whip battle. But unfortunately, visibility is one of the factors that causes changes in the offender's emotions to become opaque and not even visible during the ritual. Visual expression of sacrifice is a manifestation of the realization of individual feelings, spontaneous, and emotional in interpreting rituals. Therefore, a close-up was chosen as a medium to closely observe the faces of Tiban participants. Close-up creates intimacy between characters, moves forward grooves or highlights details so the audience understands the moment in the ritual. This shot will simultaneously affect the structure and content of making experimental films. The close- up arrangement as a story style raises tension that focuses on the aesthetic aspects of the object of creation. The face shot provoked to show details that were previously ignored. Visual close-up is no longer a simple representation of reality, but imagery becomes a unit that creates atmosphere, defines character, intensifies the situation, and increases symbol status in the use of mise en scene as a plot. As an attraction for visual narratives, the close-up arrangement plays an active role in placing important elements during the whip fighting process to share satisfaction and pride. The aim is to produce meaning, emotion, rethink, while presenting a new perspective.
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