Experimental Short Films

19 mins
A 68 year old widowed man, Gopal works as a security guard to barely make ends meet. Like every other elderly Singaporean, Gopal has the habit of playing lottery (TOTO). Being pious in nature, praying is a daily routine for him. Living alone in an old HDB apartment, the deity in his altar is his only companion to share his thoughts and problems with. Soon after discovering that he has been diagnosed with terminal illness (Lung Cancer), Gopal becomes overwhelmed with financial burden. He receives multiple calls from his doctors for appointments. Gopal turns to his son, Naveen for help. But before he could share the devastating news, Naveen tells Gopal about his retrenchment and debts. Gopal spends the passing months in pain and agony due to his illness. Despite this, he continues work and carries on with his normal routine. He rants time and time to the deity about his unfortunate situation and being unlucky striking 4D. One fine day, to his surprise, Gopal strikes the lottery. He becomes overly joyed and relieved. The very next moment, he receives a phone call from Naveen. Naveen tells him that he is in dire need of some cash as the debt collectors have arrived at his door stop and are threatening to harm him and his family. Hearing this, Gopal is saddened and without a second thought tells him that he will settle his debts. Gopal goes to the altar. This time, he isn’t ranting. The fire in the lamp goes off.
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