Experimental Short Films

4 mins
The Influencer
A well known influencer who only shows his bright side to the public but he is actually someone who always get body shamed by his close friends which causes him to be insecure about his body image and self harm himself. He always post photos of himself on his social media but doesn’t reveal his hand or wrist. He always wear an outer layer when going out to cover his scars. One day he received an unknown text from someone introducing him to a new “Supplements” which will allow him to have a perfect body, but little did he know it was actually harmful for his body. He began to take it daily and got addicted. He distanced himself from his friends and girlfriend. And always lock himself in the room, and quit being active in his social medias. One day his girlfriend started to get worry about him because he didn’t reply to any of her text, so she decided to go to his house to find him. She realised how different he look like now. He became more messier and skinner. He kept pushing her away and his girlfriend told him that she knew everything. He then broke down infront of her and told her about everything that he been through everyday. A few months went by, he finally decided to open up on social media and apologies for not posting often like he used to. After he opened up, he received many positive comments and some people even shared their similar stories to him to reassure him that he is not going through kind alone.
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