Philippines Short Films

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Crab Bucket (Panggaw)
“Panggaw” is a narrative film about twisted mentality that consumes many cultures around the world. Such mentality that negates the importance of someones success out of envy,conspiracy or competition. Such attribute that does not promote unity, humility and responsibility , a major reason affecting the progress of a certain country.An epidemic that devours even the core of young generations.Confounded with poverty in a rural area, BEBENG, 35, and DANDOY, 37, are motivated to raise funds to support their daughter, INDAY, 9, chosen to represent her school for a quiz bee in the city. Dandoy harvested their cultured crabs earlier than its due just to raise the needed amount.While her husband busy harvesting at their little crab pond or locally known as “Punong”, Bebeng went to Inday’s School to give initial contribution.But as she reached the classroom’s doorstep, she felt the tension pulling them down as if they are worthless individual.Prior to her arrival, Mrs. Dela Torre tried to persuade and bribe Ma’am Janice,to send her daughter Bem-Bem instead of Inday to the said quiz bee. Mrs. Dela Torre convinced the adviser that her daughter is better than whom they have chosen. Bem-Bem, a precious young soul, witnessed such unkind actions intensified with arrogance, envy, conspiracy, spite and corruption.What future awaits these two precious young individuals, victims of existing useless “king of the hill” competition fueled by the so called crab bucket syndrome?
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