Philippines Short Films

15 mins
A girl has been locked in a white room, lying in a bed, for so long that she has amassed a large number of red ties all over her body. Iris begins her routine anew each time she awakens. Once accustomed to it, she wakes up with several ties around her body, washes her face, dresses nicely, and makes the bed, all while confined to the locked room.It's not until one day, while cleaning her room, that Iris stumbles upon a typewriter. She feels a powerful sensation while using it, and this newfound feeling lingers even after she falls asleep. In her dream, she witnesses women being dictated to, and upon awakening, she feels frustrated and enraged, scribbling on her typewriter, 'I shouldn't be dictated to.' She doesn't know where these thoughts come from, but guilt is evident in her eyes.After finishing typing, she resumes her tasks, but various voices begin to echo around her. She wonders where these voices are coming from and discovers they emanate from beyond her walls. The voices mimic her actions, triggering Iris. To calm herself, she drinks water, closes her eyes, and panics, eventually falling asleep, feeling weak and gasping for air.Upon waking, Iris finds herself in the field where she used to escape, surrounded by people without faces who order her to perform her routine. Lost and overwhelmed, she starts running as the voices fade. That's when she notices a girl staring at her. Iris starts whispering to the little girl, and the young girl looks at the camera with a determined expression. Zooming in on her eyes reveals a heart vase filled with vibrant flowers.
18 mins
The story is divided into 3 parts: Bakit (Why), Sino (Who), and Paano (How)Bakit (Why) Jian and her previous boyfriend Requim saw each other in a mall. In a flashback, Jian was reminded of how happy their relationship went and how he told her he did not have a reason why he loved her because he believed that once the reason fades, the love follows. Back to the present, Requim's now girlfriend, Erin, was also there at the mall. She hugged Requim from the back and the two left, leaving Jian behind.Sino (Who) Erin and Requim were sitting in a cafe, discussing their eventual breakup that Requim initiated. In a flashback, Erin was reminded of how she saw Jian and Requim looking at each other at the mall. Noticing the tension, she ran to Requim, hugging him from the back. While they were leaving, Erin asked Requim if that girl was his ex-girlfriend. Requim agrees. Walking home, Erin told Requim that whatever happens, he should be honest with her, even if she is going to be hurt by the truth. Back to the present, Erin asked Requim if she was just a rebound girl. Requim answered, "I loved you."Paano (How) Continuing from the breakup at the cafe, Requim was reminded of how Jian told him how she wished that her love for him would immediately disappear once they broke up. He also thought of the time when he and Jian broke up because he needed space, which is parallel to the reason why he broke up with Erin. At his house, he tried to take the breakup with Erin as calmly as possible while being reminded of how violently he reacted when he and Jian broke up. In the end, he can be seen holding a mended broken vase, a gift Jian gave him.
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